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Welcome to the Pokeworld123 WikiEdit

A awesome YouTuber that calls his fans pokemons. He does a video a day and is awesome. He has earned 5 subscribers and they like him. He loves responding to his fans so he can see other people's opinions to see what they like. {C You can contact him using email. The email is {C He loves seeing his videos grow and he wants some topics to record that you love. He also has a webiste that he uses to post latest news and stuff. You can find his website on his channel.

Uses for Pokeworld's toothEdit

  1. Bucketing lava
  2. Doing Parkour
  3. Playing Lego
  4. Publishing YouTube videos
  5. Get views
  6. Make Websites
  7. Play baseball
  8. Fighting
  9. Making games
  10. Multitasking
  11. Trolling

12. You name it!!!

Current series and future seriesEdit

-Uberstrike -Comedy videos -TATQS (triple answer triple question sundays)* -Minecraft Mod Reviews

  • Publish the questions to pokeworld123's email
  • If any questions, comment in the pokemon section and talk to him about things that you want him to play

Latest ActivitesEdit

  • Youtube LiveStreaming
  • Stuff
  • Play Day
  • Party Lounging

Look Out For_____Edit

  • Tweeting
  • Posting
  • Livestreaming
  • New Videos
  • New Updates
  • New Wiki
  • Video Making People
  • New Wiki stuff
  • New Stuff
  • New Blogger

List of Pokemons ( subscribers )Edit

  1. Slaker1556
  2. Gary Qin
  3. Unknown
  4. KristenCollensMusic
  5. Andrew Cheng

The TeamEdit

1.Slaker1556 aka the Director of Gaming

2.Pokeworld123 aka Director of I.T. (my teacher calls me that) and Inteligent Person and Director of Copyright and Comedy

3. dads102 aka Director of Sports and Skateboarding

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